The Netherlands, Greece, Italy and Spain qualify directly for the quarter-finals of the 12th World Championship of Women’s Junior Water Polo, following the current (5/9) games with which the Preliminary Round was completed in the organization of Volos.

The first one, easily defeated Japan with 18-7, Greece imposed on China with 18-6, Italy of Slovakia with 16-7 and Spain, became a draw (9-9) in the big game of the day with the World Championship two previous events (2013, 2015), a US national team that was second in Group D.

The qualification in the 8 of World Championship will be claimed by eight teams in four knockout games that will be held tomorrow (6/9).

Russia (11-6 Hungary) against China, Hungary vs Australia (11-4 South Africa), Canada (14-4 Serbia) with New Zealand (10-9 Croatia) and US with Serbia.

Japan, South Africa, Slovakia and Croatia will play for positions 13-16.


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